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Open Door Therapy is a counseling private practice specializing in relationship care, affair recovery and narcissistic

abuse counseling.

Terri DiMatteo, LPC has developed an innovative approach to helping couples with the full spectrum of relationship concerns. This approach not only gets results, but gets results that endure. She offers flexible hours - including evenings and weekends - and convenient online scheduling. 

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Competent relationship care — delivered with warmth and sensitivity.

I believe your relationship should be a safe place where you can be yourself and express yourself completely. 

I believe that feeling safe and loved is essential for overall health, confidence and facing life's challenges.

I believe that embracing conflict and differences — while maintaining connection — deepens intimacy.

Open Door Therapy in Princeton, NJ

Relationship Restoration 


Terri began her professional career as an early childhood educator. In her studies, she was introduced to the attachment theory.


Attachment theory was introduced as an approach to parenting, with a focus on the mother-infant bond. Over time it expanded to include another life-sustaining bond: the romantic one.


Attachment bonds are the lifeblood of relationships and central to our survival. Just as we all depended upon maternal care for our survival and development, adult partners similarly depend upon one another. This is why romantic partners must feel certain, safe and protected by their partner and within the relationship.


Terri works with individuals and couples to unpack and remove intimacy barriers so that the relationship functions as the protective safeguard it is meant to be.

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