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3 Powerful Benefits of Eye Gazing for Relationship Repair

More often than not, after a conflict or time of distance, most couples create space and distance between one another until the intensity of the feeling dissipates. Then, they reconnect often without the recognition that their romantic bond took a bit of a hit.

What helps following a disagreement or distance is ways to reestablish the bond between you. The idea is to restore the feeling that our love is safe, secure, dependable. In other words, during the conflict, the relationship was destabilized and felt a bit shaky and uncertain. Are we going to be okay? Of course, because those feelings can be frightening, it is wise to find ways to work out the issue that caused the conflict and reconnect in a way that brings peace of mind and stability.

While there are various things couples can do to repair the romantic bond following a period of disagreement, this blog post will provide information on a method backed by science, easy, and works: eye gazing. Below you will learn how to eye gaze, why it works, and the benefits.

How to Eye Gaze

Sit or stand facing one anotherSet a timer for four minutesLock eyes until the four minutes are up.

Try not to talk!

Why it Works

Eye contact increases intimacy. Eye contact is a bonding behavior with relationship restorative properties. The prolonged time intensifies the intimate bonding.

Any exchange that increases bonding is beneficial to your relationship!

The Benefits of Eye Gazing

  1. It serves to restore the fractured bond. Feeling closer and more connected. Softer and more tender emotions may surface.

  2. An increase in hugging and expressing your love are likely to follow.

  3. If you find that four minutes of extended eye contact is too intense or intimate for you, try a variation of the theme - a four-minute hug!



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